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Ten Reasons Why it is Important for Your Child to Have Breakfast

Why it is Important for Your Child to Have Breakfast
Starting the day with a nutritional breakfast is the healthy option for all of us. For children starting the day the right way is even more important. In the average, busy household, early mornings can be a bit fraught with desperately trying to get everything (and everyone) organized as you race against the clock....

How Can I Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night
For parents of infants the hardest challenge can be getting enough sleep. There is nothing in the world as grueling as trying to raise a child, and have some semblance of a life, while only getting a few hours of sleep each night. Training your baby to sleep through the night, or at least...

Five Tips to Help Your Child Conquer Their Fear of the Dentist

Help Your Child Conquer Their Fear of the Dentist
Although going to the dentist is essential, it's probably never going to be a child's idea of a good time. However, there are some measures you can take to help ease your child's fears and make her feel better about visiting the dentist. Don't Teach Them to Fear the Dentist Telling stories about your negative experiences...

7 Reasons Obese Children May Be Doomed to Be Obese Adults

Obese Children May Be Doomed to Be Obese Adults
 In affluent countries the numbers of overweight and obese children are skyrocketing. Obesity is a serious health concern that sets the stage for debilitating and deadly illnesses to develop. A study at the Harvard School of Medicine discovered a 27 percent increase in the numbers of children with high blood pressure over the course...

Are Parents Responsible for Their Children’s Happiness?

Children Happiness
There is nothing in this life as profoundly beautiful and unbelievably challenging as being a parent. From before they are born until the end of our time together, our children bring us endless joy and indescribable frustration.Whatever our circumstance, country, or culture, every parent wants their children to be happy and fulfilled human beings....

5 Ways to Overcome Feelings of Guilt as a Parent

Overcome Feelings of Guilt as a Parent
 Do you ever feel like you have failed as a parent? You would not be alone. Parental guilt is incredibly common, and often unfounded. Yes, our children inherit our challenges and strangeness, but they are also shaped by the power of our unconditional love. Here are a few ways to help you take yourself...

9 Things Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About Being a Responsible Adult

responsible adult
 Our parents did their best. The people who raised you probably taught you about right and wrong, why it's important to be fair, and how to perform basic hygiene. But there are some things about being an adult that we can only learn through experience. 1. Dream Big, But Enjoy What You Have  Desire is the...

Teaching Healthy Eating Habits to Children

Healthy Eating Habits to Children
We all know by now how important proper nutrition is for our children's development. It can be challenging to get them to establish healthy eating habits in our fast-food culture. But with patience and diligence, we can help them lay a foundation of healthy eating decisions that will carry them through their lives. Make It...

Superfoods to Fight Child Oral Problems

Superfoods to Fight Child Oral Problems
The key to caring for your teeth is nutrition. Setting up your kids to have strong and healthy teeth that are free of cavities requires a variety of nutrient-rich foods. The best foods for growing kids' teeth provide essential vitamins and minerals, and neutralize cavity-causing acids. What Not to Eat Before we dive into the goods,...

How to Integrate Juicing into Your Child’s Diet

Juicing into Your Child’s Diet
Every parent is concerned for the health and wellbeing of their children, but not all of them make the effort to improve and maintain their child’s health. Getting enough exercise and sleep; eating fruits and vegetables; and avoiding junk food are all important concepts in keeping your kids healthy but they can also be...

A Guide to Treat Fever in Children

Treat Fever in Children
No parent likes to see their child suffer, even when it’s due to something as common as a fever. And while a fever is something just about everyone has to deal with during their lives, it’s important to know when it’s something routine and when it’s something more serious – especially in kids. What is...

Importance of Ensuring Your Child’s Views are Heard Properly

Importance of Ensuring Your Child
The days of “children should be seen and not heard” have long passed in most cultures. Parents have begun listening to their children’s views and taking these views and opinions into account when making family decisions.Even when there is a healthy balance of power and children understand parents are ultimately in charge, they still...

Sleeping Disorder and Autism: Help Tips for Your Child

Sleeping Disorder tips
Autism is a complex disorder of the brain that often occurs in conjunction with other issues. One of the most common co-existing conditions to occur in children with autism is a sleep disorder. Children with autism often experience difficult sleeping, which can exacerbate their autistic issues. What can you do to help your child...

Tips for Parents before Sending Child to School

Tips for Parents before Sending Child to School
Sending your child off to school is exciting and scary. It is the start of a new phase in his life and it can be stressful for the entire family. Your child is growing up and he needs different support than he did when he was a baby and completely dependent on you. Knowing...

Why Sports and Outdoor Activities are Important for Kids?

Sports and Outdoor Activities are Important for Kids
Playing sports and spending time outdoors is an important part of healthy development for kids. Though not every child will want to participate in an organized sports team, parents and teachers should make an effort to ensure children take part in physical activities and explore the outdoors.Whether this means joining a softball or soccer...

Tips on How to Manage Anger in Children?

How to Manage Anger in Children/
Anger is a natural part of being alive. It is an emotional response that can be triggered by a variety of different situations. In some cases, anger is a symptom of fear, isolation, frustration, or even hunger. Many people struggle to manage anger, but it is especially challenging for children.Most kids are just learning...

Importance of Building Effective Parenting Skills

Importance of Building Effective Parenting Skills
Effective parenting skills play a role in guiding the direction of a child’s life. In addition to the natural tendencies and disposition with which a child is born, how his or her parents discipline, communicate, and support that child creates a foundation for a lifetime.If you are thinking about becoming a parent or you...

Steps to Prepare Infant Formula Safely for Your Baby

Prepare Infant Formula Safely
Your baby’s formula is an important part of his or her development. It provides nutrition and is essential for your baby’s health. Choosing a formula is an important job for new parents, but just as important is the preparation of the formula.Unless it is prepared properly, formula lacks the essential nutrition your baby needs....


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