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Summers Can Age You: Here’s What happens and What To Do

Summer is here, your mood must have received an uplift. But, beware it can play havoc on your skin. With those dark short days behind you, the air and sun seem so refreshing. You are happy, your body is happy but is your skin happy too? Read the signs. Is it showing any signs...

Dental Fitness – 5 Oral Health Tips for Athletes

Dental Fitness - 5 Oral Health Tips for Athletes
Oral health is important for everyone; especially athletes. A healthy smile looks great but healthy teeth are vital for your overall health. Studies show that oral health can affect athletic performance because poor oral health is known for inflammation, which impacts a person’s health in a negative way. In addition, dental pain or low...

5 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Exciting

Healty eating
Making the conscious choice to eat healthy isn’t always easy. You need to take actions everyday to make sure you stay on track and achieving your goals of fueling your body efficiently. Maintaining a healthy diet can get very monotonous and boring. It is easy to fall into a routine and eat the same...

Persisting Pain? 3 Strategies For Dealing With Old Car Crash Injuries

Persisting Pain 3 Strategies For Dealing With Old Car Crash Injuries
Everyone wants to pick up their life and stay productive after recovering from a road accident. While modern car safety features and advanced medical care has reduced the number of chronic pain cases after a road accident, some of the population still suffers sleepless nights due to old car crash injuries.Proper compensation and the...

How Your Diet Affects the Color and Texture of Your Stool

If you plan on switching up your diet, then you should be prepared for your stool’s texture and color to change, and even your overall bowel movement. If you change up your eating habits, chances are your known bathroom schedule is also bound to change. For example, many people go to the restroom every...

How Brain Pills can help you get Smarter Brain and Improve Focus

How Brain Pills can help you get Smarter Brain and Improve Focus Focusing on the work and doing multitasks at a time is getting difficult today but it is the need of the today. The Brain pills are the ultimate solution to this problem. Our brain consists of nerve cells that have to communicate to...

How to choose a fragrance that complements your personality?

How to choose a fragrance that complements your personality
Many might believe that the perfumes are used to hide the body odour or make a lasting impression in a crowd, but if you go by the facts then fragrance you wear also speaks about your personality. While the selection of perfume solely depends on your personal choice or your favourite fragrance, it is...

Is masturbation good for you?

Masturbation – now there’s a loaded word (no pun intended). The subject is not really dinner time fare and most people don’t want to talk about it because then they might have to own up to doing it. Men do it, women do it, chimps do it and even toddlers and porcupines do it,...

What’s the difference between LOVING someone and being IN LOVE with someone?

If you’re in love with someone, surely that means loving them and loving them must be the same thing as being in love with them? Alas, love is a complicated affair.Being in love is the easy part. Although it happens to you and you can’t make it happen, all you really have to do...

Six Activities That Help You Age Gracefully

Six Activities That Help You Age Gracefully
Have you ever been surprised to hear someone’s real age? You might assume someone to be younger and get amazed to know that he or she is a decade older than what you guessed. And, by the same token you may discover that someone is much younger but appear older than you thought. This...

Do you Sprout? Why you should

Sprouts are not just decorative and crunchy additions to salads and stir-fry’s, they are a bona fide superfood, medicine and anti-aging supplement. They are a supremely healthy snack and a valuable source of complete protein. The best part is that they are easy to grow all year round, don’t take up much space and...

What’s wrong with Vaccinations?

 “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic” ~ Dresden JamesLet me admit that I struggled writing this. When I had my parent hat on, I was appalled by what other parents had to endure...

10 Reasons Wheatgrass can save your life!

Wheatgrass is the young sprouts grown from seeds of Triticum aestivum or common wheat. It’s called grass but it’s more like a vegetable, on steroids. Pound for pound, sprouts are probably the most nutritious of all plants because they are power houses of vitamins, minerals and trace elements but wheatgrass is like the Rolls...

Water, Water, Water…are you drinking enough?

In a post-apocalyptic world, it would be more precious than any other substance. In Africa, many rural women expend a huge amount of time and energy every day just to collect a few gallons of it. It makes up roughly three quarters of the earth’s surface and up to 80 per cent of every...

Why India Has the Fewest Cases of Dementia in the World… TURMERIC!

One of the traditional definitions of the word “medicine” refers to balance. Bringing a body into balance through a variety of means. Understanding that balance is a dynamic, fluid state that requires presence and deep listening to the body to maintain. In the modern world we tend to think of medicine as a way...

Why Pornography May Be Bad for Your Brain

Intimacy is one of the most important human needs. After food, clothing, and shelter, meaningful connection with others humans ranks as the strongest requirement for health and wellbeing. In our increasingly disconnected world, however, finding this essential nourishment can be surprisingly challenging. As real connection and intimacy disappear in the streams of social media...

Buying New Clothes? How You Might Be Contributing to Modern Slavery

Ah, the feel of wrapping your body in a new garment. For many people there is something supremely satisfying about purchasing and donning a brand new piece of clothing. It both feeds and titillates the consumer within us. For some people it creates a sense of feeling affluent and important. And for many people...

Do Sunscreens Actually Cause Cancer?

The short answer is Yes, and not just because they are a chemical soup full of endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. That part, scary as it is, is actually the least of your worries. The bigger problem is buying into the whole ‘the sun gives you skin cancer, sunscreen protects you, you are broken so...


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