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Brain Power

These Foods Could be an Obstacle to Having an Intelligent Brain

Intelligent Brain
By now you probably know that certain foods can have either a positive or negative affect on your health. Fatty foods, for example, can clog your arteries and lead to cardiovascular problems. But did you know that the food you eat can even effect your brain? Food as Brain Power The food you eat serves as...

Want to increase brain power? Working on muscles may boost neurons

The brain and the body are connected in many ways. While stereotypes consider gym jocks to be less on the brainiac side and smart geeks to be less on the jock-y side, these two may be a lot more similar than we think. Studies have shown time and again that to increase brain power,...

Tips and tricks to boost your baby’s memory

Tips to boost your baby's memory
From the minute that your newborn arrives into this world, their memory begins to develop. Memory is the process of retaining, collecting and recalling certain events that have happened. It is never too early to begin mentally stimulating exercises for your baby. A baby’s memory develops in different stages:0 – 6 Months It is in...

Best Foods for a Healthier Brain

Everybody had that one food they really hated eating growing up but, for one reason or another, their moms just kept on making it. Moms all over the world used the same tricks and excuses in order to get us to eat. What was one of the most popular? “It’s brain food!” Everybody has...


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