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5 Ways of detoxing without the Juice

 Ever wanted the detox, minus the painful juicing procedure? Well, you’re in luck: juice fasts fail to detox the body of anything - the kidneys, liver, and respiratory system are an ace team at eliminating bodily toxins. Unless, of course, you let modern lifestyle get in the way of maintaining a healthy diet. To...

Yoga for a Natural Detoxification

 We all know that Yoga is good for us. It offers countless benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. It is also a highly adaptable practice, which can be adjusted to support whatever physical or mental process we might be exploring. One of the many applications of Yoga is detoxification. Inner Heat  Yoga boosts the metabolism...

Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body Naturally

 Over the past decade or so, detox has become nothing short of a trendy idea. As people are exposed to an increasing amount of toxins in the environment and in processed foods, they are searching for ways to reduce the negative impact on their bodies. One way is through ‘detoxing’.Many turn to a strict...

How to Detox from the Comfort of Home

 You probably know that I am a big proponent of keeping it clean. Clean body, clean mind, clean diet, and clean home. In our world it is so easy for our bodies to get overwhelmed by toxic substances. Between the polluted air and water, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, food additives, and secondary smoke,...

Detoxify Your Body with These 8 Most Cleansing Alkaline Foods

The unfortunate reality of things is that many people are living with toxic bodies without even realizing it. The food you eat, the products you use and even the air you breathe can contain toxins that build up in your body over time. Read more to learn about how to detoxify your body. Detoxing with...

What is the Aim for Detox Diets and Who Should Go For a Detox?

When it comes to your health, being in proper alignment – physically, emotionally and spiritually, is key. Are you eating right but not exercising? Do you exercise at the gym, but fail to take time out to mediate, and clear your mind?Or, are you guilty of what many are, and fail to cleanse your...

Ideal foods that help detox the body naturally

Harmful toxins in the air and food make it imperative that we detoxify the body from time to time. And the best method of detoxing your body naturally is through diet. A balanced diet with proper nutrients corrects the imbalances caused by adulteration, toxins and pollution. Mental stress and anxiety also releases toxins internally....

Why is it important to Detox?

Detoxing is no longer something that simply hippies and yogis do and there is a lot more to it than simply torturing yourself through deprivation and starvation as most individuals think. Detox is an investment in your health that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. It is a gift to yourself...

Amazing benefits of all natural and effective lemon detox diet

Created by Stanley Burroughs for treatment of stomach ulcer, the lemon detox diet has become a fitness rage today. He surmised that before treating any condition or symptom the body should be completely cleansed internally. Today this thought process has evolved to cleansing the body to keep it healthy and prevent the rise of...

Get maximum benefit by choosing the Best Detox diet

There are numerous detox diets out there which claim to help users lose weight and feel good but how will you know which is the best detox diet for you? Some detox diets are natural while others are supplements with natural ingredients in them. All focus on cleansing the system and aiding in weight...


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