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Indoor Cultivation of Cannabis

Indoor Cultivation of Cannabis
Growing cannabis indoors may look intimidating to many people but following the right procedures can make the entire process appear unbelievably easy. There are various advantages associated with growing weed indoors as opposed to growing it outdoors:Your horticultural activities is kept discreet You have full control over your plant and its growing environment ...

Best ways to keep your kids healthy at school

Best ways to keep your kids healthy at school
Schools nurture our children both intellectually and emotionally, groom them with etiquettes and give them the confidence they'll need to steer their lives in the right direction. School is also the place where our children are exposed to germs and bacteria making parents concerned about their well-being.These germs and bacteria can cause infections and...

Powerful Motivation Techniques To Use To Reach Your Goals

Believe In Yourself
In life, there’s many challenges that you’ll face and need to overcome to reach your goals. The problem with many people is when faced with a challenge it can cause your motivation to drop. Once your motivation drops it can be really hard to gain that momentum back in order to reach your goals....

Don’t ignore itchyy palms & feet during pregnancy

In order to be able to enjoy this period of bliss, you must prepare yourself for the unusual changes your body might experience – you’ve heard it all from your pregnant friends, how they’ve had crazy food cravings, some had their hair boomingly voluminous, others had hair loss, some had acne, others were sleepy...

Is Marijuana/Cannabis…. Medicine…. or a joke?

Is Cannabis Medicine
Pot, cannabis, dope, hashish, ganja, weed, doobie, bhang, kif, wacky baccy, mary jane, dagga, marijuana or whatever else you want to call it has been around for millennia, about 12,000 years to be more exact. In fact, it is one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet. Why? Because it’s medicinal, silly.All of...

The Internet… The Next Major Addiction?

As a species we have developed a relatively new way to interact that has nearly supplanted in-person communication. Instead of coming together to connect and exchange goods, ideas, and services, we turn on our devices and look at collections of pixels. We are spending more and more of our time online every year, and...

10 Steps for Becoming a Great Parent and Raising Happy, Confident Kids

Becoming a Great Parent and Raising Happy, Confident Kids
No one is actually ready to be a parent until it happens. Raising children is a full time occupation that requires unparalleled attention and offers intense on-the-job education. Everyone makes mistakes in the process of helping children grow, everyone learns the hard way what it takes to parent a developing person. A child’s happiness...

Five Ways Indoor Plants Benefit Your Home

Indoor Plants
Have you noticed the difference a plant can make to the general energy of a room? Think about a waiting room for example – clinical setting, or not, those leafy greens, or the bloom of a flower, can change a room entirely. It becomes welcoming and vibrant, no longer dead, lifeless space. It feels...

Ten Reasons Why it is Important for Your Child to Have Breakfast

Starting the day with a nutritional breakfast is the healthy option for all of us. For children starting the day the right way is even more important. In the average, busy household, early mornings can be a bit fraught with desperately trying to get everything (and everyone) organized as you race against the clock....

How Can I Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night
For parents of infants the hardest challenge can be getting enough sleep. There is nothing in the world as grueling as trying to raise a child, and have some semblance of a life, while only getting a few hours of sleep each night. Training your baby to sleep through the night, or at least...

Five Tips to Help Your Child Conquer Their Fear of the Dentist

Help Your Child Conquer Their Fear of the Dentist
Although going to the dentist is essential, it's probably never going to be a child's idea of a good time. However, there are some measures you can take to help ease your child's fears and make her feel better about visiting the dentist. Don't Teach Them to Fear the Dentist Telling stories about your negative experiences...

Homemade Natural Pesticides for Your Garden

Homemade Natural Pesticides
If you are going to take the time to plan, plot and plant your garden then the last thing you want is for it all to be ruined by pests. While certain insects including bees and butterflies are very beneficial to the garden, others can wreak havoc on your plants, damaging or even killing...

Best Ground Cover Plants for Landscaping

Best Ground Cover Plants
If you have a large yard and do not want to deal with the hassle of mowing the entire thing every week, consider adding some ground cover plants. Ground cover plants typically spread quickly and grow low to the ground. Many varieties even produce colorful, fragrant flowers that will enhance the appearance of your...

Top 5 Most Fragrant Herbs

Most Fragrant Herbs
Having a herb garden is a wonderful idea for any home. Not only do you get to enjoy growing your own food, but you also get to benefit from the beauty and fragrance of the herbs as they grow. The great thing about herbs is that most of them are very hardy – you...

The Role of Bees in Your Garden

When you see a bee flying around your house, your first instinct may be to swat it. It is a pest, after all. Isn’t it? The truth of the matter is, however, that bees play a very important role in the circle of life and, more specifically, in your garden. In this article I...

What is 4×4 Gardening?

4x4 Gardening
Whether you live on a large plot of land or in small urban apartment, you want to make the most of your space. Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your desire to grow your own food. It is entirely possible to have a thriving, productive garden with just...

Gardening for the Urban Dweller

Urban Gardening
Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean that you give up the right to experiencing fresh, homegrown vegetables and herbs. There are many different gardening options that are specifically designed for small spaces or even indoor areas. If you want to enjoy the taste of fresh herbs and vegetables without paying a...

How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Plot

How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Plot
If you have a small plot of space in your backyard that you have been wanting to make a garden out of, what are you waiting for? Don’t think that just because the area is small that it cannot be used – it is possible to feed an entire household with the harvest from...


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