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5 Indisputable Benefits of Co-Sleeping / Bed Sharing

5 Indisputable Benefits of Co-Sleeping / Bed Sharing
Bed sharing is a controversial parenting topic. The benefits of co-sleeping far outweigh that entire hullabaloo about SIDS.Why it that a lot of well-meaning doctors are scaring parents with big words such as “infant death” and whatnot? Decades have passed, and yet theclamor about co-sleepingperils has never gone down. Are we not being told...

Best Alternatives to Slim Quick Shake

Best Alternatives to Slim Quick Shake
SlimQuick comprises a range of products to manage fat. The shake is designed specifically for women is claimed to be a perfect diet shake due to the patented form of minerals and green tea.In fact, the main components of this formula are caffeine and green tea extract. The other ingredients cannot boast of some...

The Craze for HCG Diet and Why Is It Effective?

The New “fad” Diet that Works  I think we can all understand the frustration of the dieting yo-yo effect. One weekend we can fit into our jeans and the next month is back to the celery sticks and endless salads. Oh! And who can forget the notorious holiday dinners when you’ve eaten so much the...

Top 10 reasons to go vegan in 2017

Nowadays swearing for new year resolutions is in trend and many people’s new year resolution includes getting slimmer, eating better, making this world a better place and what not. But only a few people must have thought about going vegan. Yes, going vegan can create a lot of miracles in our life, as well...

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes from the Eastern World

Many non-vegetarians are often confused about the food that vegetarians and especially vegans eat, as to meat eaters it may seem that the world of food is full of nothing but livestock sourced food. It might seem so in fact, if we look at our basic American diet but that’s not really the case,...

Summers Can Age You: Here’s What happens and What To Do

Summer is here, your mood must have received an uplift. But, beware it can play havoc on your skin. With those dark short days behind you, the air and sun seem so refreshing. You are happy, your body is happy but is your skin happy too? Read the signs. Is it showing any signs...

Liquid Diets During Dental Implants: How Weight Loss Happens

If you are facing dental implant surgery, you might be wondering how in the world you are going to eat.  You might be concerned about the shots, or wary of the recovery time.  If you are a talker, you might be wondering how in the world you are going to go this long of...

Dental Fitness – 5 Oral Health Tips for Athletes

Oral health is important for everyone; especially athletes. A healthy smile looks great but healthy teeth are vital for your overall health. Studies show that oral health can affect athletic performance because poor oral health is known for inflammation, which impacts a person’s health in a negative way. In addition, dental pain or low...

5 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Exciting

Making the conscious choice to eat healthy isn’t always easy. You need to take actions everyday to make sure you stay on track and achieving your goals of fueling your body efficiently. Maintaining a healthy diet can get very monotonous and boring. It is easy to fall into a routine and eat the same...

Persisting Pain? 3 Strategies For Dealing With Old Car Crash Injuries

Everyone wants to pick up their life and stay productive after recovering from a road accident. While modern car safety features and advanced medical care has reduced the number of chronic pain cases after a road accident, some of the population still suffers sleepless nights due to old car crash injuries.Proper compensation and the...

How Your Diet Affects the Color and Texture of Your Stool

If you plan on switching up your diet, then you should be prepared for your stool’s texture and color to change, and even your overall bowel movement. If you change up your eating habits, chances are your known bathroom schedule is also bound to change. For example, many people go to the restroom every...

Nutritional Needs for the Aging

All your life you’ve been told to consume a balanced diet consisting of all foods. Watching what you eat when you’re older is that much more important. It can help you remain active and independent for longer while reducing trips to the doctors; especially if you are suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and...

Unique Vegetables to Prepare for Your Kids

Many parents face the dilemma of getting their children to eat more vegetables.  While your kids may be picky eaters, their bodies still need the nutrition veggies supply. The recommended daily allowance for vegetables is based on age. It ranges from a cup a day for toddlers to 3 cups for teens and young...

The Dos And Don’ts of the Suzanne Somers Diet

Heard about the Suzanne Somers diet but not sure what it’s all about?This guide is for you.Here’s all you’ll ever need to know about the ‘Somerize’ diet to get started, plus the four key dos and don’ts to keep you right on track. What the Somerize is all about Let’s get some facts straight first.The Suzanne...

Know Why Raw Garlic Should Be a Part Of Your Diet

Know Why Raw Garlic Should Be a Part Of Your Diet
Garlic is one of the important ingredients that you must include in your diet for its medicinal values. The healing properties of garlic were identified during the ancient time itself. People across a number of communities like Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians and Chinese used them for medicinal purposes.Garlic, especially the raw ones, come...

How Brain Pills can help you get Smarter Brain and Improve Focus

How Brain Pills can help you get Smarter Brain and Improve Focus Focusing on the work and doing multitasks at a time is getting difficult today but it is the need of the today. The Brain pills are the ultimate solution to this problem. Our brain consists of nerve cells that have to communicate to...

12 Awesome benefits of ginger you need to know about

While we keep searching for the best medicines and supplements to aid in our healthy lifestyle, we often surpass the nature and how it offers amazing gifts full of health benefits. Ginger falls in the same category. Ginger, also known as the 'Ideal Medicinal chest' in Ayurvedic medicines, is one of its kinds when...

How to choose a fragrance that complements your personality?

How to choose a fragrance that complements your personality
Many might believe that the perfumes are used to hide the body odour or make a lasting impression in a crowd, but if you go by the facts then fragrance you wear also speaks about your personality. While the selection of perfume solely depends on your personal choice or your favourite fragrance, it is...


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